• Want to solve problems through your real estate transactions?
  • Want to earn top dollar for your rental properties?
  • Want to know how to serve your tenants so they’ll stay with you over the long haul?
You’re Gonna Have To Learn to Accurately Interpret Market Data!
So… how do you determine the market to invest in that's right for you and your goals? It boils down to knowing your Investor Identity. 

But you also need to understand the identities of the sellers, buyers and investors that you want to work with in all your deals. 

This Market Analysis Video Course gives you the know-how you need to determine your market.
3 Lessons… 1 Hour of Your Time…
Hey, your time is valuable.

You want to learn the most you can in the shortest amount of time… so you can get out there and do deals. 

To make the best go/no-go decisions means you’ll have to learn to analyze data. Otherwise you can make mistakes and make offers you shouldn’t… or offer too much for properties.

There’s no worse feeling to know you’ve left money on the table when you didn’t have to.

This course is designed to teach you how to find and interpret market data so you can avoid costly mistakes and missteps.

Broken into 3 parts, this course lets you go at your own pace. Each time you watch the videos you’ll get more and more out of the information until you understand every bit of the data you need to consider when analyzing deals.  
What You’ll Learn Can Be Life-Changing…
If you’ve ever taken a Cash Flow Diary course, you already know you’re in for massive information that you can use right away to put more money in your pocket. 

That’s the way all our courses are created… and for good reason.

The more you learn the more you’ll earn. (And then you’ll tell all your friends, right?)

In this amazing 3-part Market Analysis Video Course you’re gonna learn so much you’ll want to go over the materials a few times just to make sure to get every drop…
You will learn the order in which you take down any property! (It’s not what you think.) Like…
  • How to look at and interpret property reports… and where to find them.
  • What stats to look at, like unit mix and configurations, market pricing, and more…
  • How to interpret profit percentages, rents, vacancy rates and future growth
  • Find out why the trend is your friend… whether it’s growing or not
  • How to perform a sub-market analysis and understand what “sub-market” is anyway
  • How to move through the DIIP, so you turn data into information and interpret that data
  • Why being the best P.I.G. (professional information gatherer) you can be is critical 
You get to dig deeper into the DIIP process and learn…
  • How to interpret all the data to determine profitability • How to make your properties so appealing that you won’t battle vacancies
  • The questions to ask when interpreting data
  • How to look at the submarket, entire market, the region and the entire country
  • Why making purchases in a down market can actually be opportunities
  • How to use the data as a buyer OR seller
  • Why you need to look at the demographics so you’ll know what play to use
  • How to speak to property managers and leasing agents to get to the truth
You get a better understanding of the type of information you need to extract from the news and Internet and learn…
  • More about interpreting the sub-market data to help you determine your play
  •  Why knowing your Investor Identity is key to your success when interpreting data
  • Why the age of the property is important in your investing decisions
  • The formula to determine you NOI (net operating income) 
  •  How to determine acceptable income-to-expense ratios before making your offer
  • What to consider in making improvements to your properties for continued growth
  • How to understand “construction and absorption” ratios and why you need to know
  • What is your data set… and where that data is coming from in the first place
  • Why you need to dig down to your key indicators across markets to make good decisions
  • How to determine metro data and what to do with the information
  • How to find out why trends are being affected and who might be affecting them
  • How to figure out markets that have the most indicators of distress 
  • How the data can tell you what type of rentals you should do for greatest profit
  • Why you need to determine the job market and economic data to determine your play
Don’t Skip a Minute of these Lessons!
Taking all 3 parts of this course will tell you why you need to narrow your market(s) so you can build a solid retirement through a buy-and-hold strategy investing in rental properties.

Truth is whether you’re interested in holding onto the properties for long-term returns or you just want to wholesale or flip them, you need to know how analyze markets. 

If you don’t know how to find and interpret data in any given market, you won’t know whom you are serving… you won’t know your customers and you won’t know what to tell investors and buyers.
But Don’t Take Our Word for It…
Read what others have to say about this course and the impact it had on their paths as real estate entrepreneurs…


“I'm excited to start interpreting the information I get from the data in my target marketplace. With this video, once I've found and identified my investors and their identity, I'll be able to follow through the process of finding not only good deals, but deals that make sense in regards to solving our client’s problem as well as for the positive growth of our business. I’ll need to re-watch again to understand the Construction/Absorption ratios more clearly. Also, this is great advice on how to screen a potential property management team member to allocate this research work to them once we've mastered the process.”  


“I'm going to have to watch this over and over again. This is truly powerful information and just a piece of the puzzle I've been searching for. Thanks J!” 

Richard L

“This is what I have been looking for in regards to understanding how to make the most educated decision on what and where to buy.” 

Richard. P

"Great information in not only how to interpret and disseminate data not only your target market, but also in your submarket. This is needed to find deals that not only makes sense but also to know what marketplace to invest and not invest in"
My point is…

These people took this course.

They are just a random sample.

There are a lot more comments than this, so…

Join them! 

Get the course… spend the initial hour with it. Take notes. Repeat. 

And don’t be lazy when it comes to doing your homework; learn how to analyze markets at a glance and come out on top of every deal. 
Take this course now.  
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