Ever Heard of Using Self-Directed Retirement Savings Accounts to Fund Your Real Estate Transactions? 
Understanding THIS SINGLE TOPIC Lets You Do WAY More Deals in Real Estate WAY FASTER than You Ever Have Before!
When I learned this little secret strategy it opened so many opportunities to me that I literally couldn’t keep up. It fueled my success… no kidding.
Here’s the “secret.”
More people could invest with you if only they could access the money in their retirement savings. The truth is… they can. But you might have to explain the “how” and “whys” to them first. 

That’s what you learn in our Reliable Retirement video course! You’ll understand something that…
  •  Few attorneys are knowledgeable about
  • Few CPAs fully understand
  • And way, way more!
Truth is… IRS rules have allowed self-directed IRAs (individual retirement accounts) since the 1970s! The monies in these self-directed accounts can be used to fund real estate investments…


You have to follow the rules, which means you have to know the rules.

By the end of this short video course, you’ll know enough to talk to potential investors about their options. You’re not claiming to be a tax advisor; you’re just showing them the options.

That’s what has helped me raise millions of dollars in private capital. (In fact, my first $5M was raised using this strategy.)
This Strategy is NOT New,
But It May Be New to You. Learn It Now.
Hey, ever heard the saying that there’s nothing new under the sun? Same goes here. This strategy has been available to us since the 1970s… but not too many people know about it. 

Know what that’s called? 

Giving yourself a leading edge over other real estate entrepreneurs who are also out there raising private capital! 

Once you understand the basics of how the self-directed IRA can be used, you can raise more private capital for your deals than ever before. 

Did you know that Self-Directed IRAs can be used to invest in…
  • Rental properties of all types (even apartment buildings)
  • Raw land
  • Notes
  • Private stocks
  • LLCs
  • Tax liens
  • AND… private lending
This Strategy Has Been Used By
The Wealthiest Individuals for Years.
  • Want to create wealth and have financial stability over the rest of your life? Buying rental properties is one of the best ways to achieve those goals. 
  • Want to buy rental properties but don’t have the money in your own bank accounts and don’t have good enough credit to get a traditional bank loan? Well, that means you’re going to have to get others to let you use their cash and credit in your deals.
  • What if prospective investors have their cash tied up in a traditional IRA? That means you have to educate them so they know they can self-direct their IRA… but you need to understand how this works before you ever mention it to other people.
But you better understand a few things… Like that there are disqualified individuals you can’t work with in this way.

There are rules to follow. 
But you better understand a few things… Like that there are disqualified individuals you can’t work with in this way.

There are rules to follow. 

Do you know what they are or who can work with your prospects to make the transition really easy? 

You’ll learn the rules in our Reliable Retirement video course. You’ll also get a whole bunch of statistics to use in your conversations with other people that will make them want to invest in your deals. 

Get all the do’s and don’ts in this massively valuable video course! It’s taken directly from a very special webinar I did with a well-known and highly recognized Self-Directed IRA expert.

Don’t wait another minute. The price won’t always be this low.
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